CHECK OUT our list of Broodmares being sold at the November Blooded Horse Sale, Ohio.

BROODMARES-Blood Horse Sale-Nov

LIMA FAIRESTAmerican IdealRoll With Joe5/18/2020
ROCKNROLL OLIVIARocknroll HanoverSweet Lou2/11/2020
TICKETTOROCKRocknroll HanoverSweet Lou4/22/2020
SWEET LOU LOUSweet LouAmerican Ideal4/16/2020
CATHARSISWell SaidRoll With Joe4/21/2020
LIPSTICK TASERWell SaidRacing Hill4/3/2020
SPECIAL SWEETHEARTWestern IdealSweet Lou1/14/2020
FAITHNFLOWERS & Heston Bluechip Weanling fillyRoll With JoeOpenOpen
HOT LEMONADERocknroll HeavenHuntsville3/15/2020
READY TO ROCKNROLLRocknroll HanoverRoll With Joe5/18/2020
SANGAALReal DesireRacing Hill3/1/2020
JET WASHJeremes JetHuntsville5/3/2020
SWEET NECTOR & Sweet Lou Weanling FillyBettor's DelightOpenOpen
HAILEYS HATArt MajorAmerican Ideal1/23/2020
TULAROSA & American Ideal Weanling FillyArtiscapeOpenOpen
MILKYWAY HANOVERAllamerican NativeMr. Wiggles4/15/2020
BUBBLESNRITZChapter SevenCrazy Wow3/26/2020
GO GO DANCERCredit WinnerTrixton3/26/2020
CONWAYSLASSIEConway HallCrazy Wow5/3/2020
FROU FROUConway HallCrazy Wow4/12/2020
PINK N BLUETrixtonCrazy Wow5/15/2020
DESI SEELSTERKen WarkentinCrazy Wow4/12/2020
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