"From our Farm... to the Winner's Circle"

Yearlings from Crawford Farms

We welcome you to come to our farm in Upstate New York,
and visit our consignments in Kentucky to evaluate our stock.

Here are some of the top sires for this season of yearlings:

American Ideal, Captaintreacherous, Chapter Seven, Father Patrick,
Huntsville, Southwind Frank, Sweet Lou, Trixton, What The Hill

Lexington Yearlings 2021

Hip Yearling Ped Video Sex Sire Dam Gait Foaled
329 WHISKEYANDRAIN colt Huntsville AIR MILES HANOVER Pacer 3/29/20
382 BLUE HUNT colt Huntsville ALL ON TOP HANOVER Pacer 2/22/20
79 ALABAMAJAMMA colt American Ideal ANNDROVETTE Pacer 4/18/20
207 AMERICAN AZUR filly American Ideal BLUE BEACH Pacer 5/16/20
666 IGOTACRAZYCRUSH colt Crazy Wow GIRL CRUSH Trotter 5/18/20
190 Can Can Fresca filly Chapter Seven CAN CAN FRISCO Trotter 1/20/20
155 TAKE MY NAME colt Muscle Hill CANDY STORE S Trotter 1/31/20
205 Captain Q colt Captaintreacherous AGENT Q Pacer 2/26/20
HEART ON FIRE filly Father Patrick CORAZON BLUE CHIP Trotter 3/20/20
468 CHEVAL NOIR colt Donato Hanover CRAZY GRIGIO Trotter 3/13/20
495 CRAZY LOVIN filly Crazy Wow CELEBRITY LOVIN Trotter 3/16/20
635 SECRET GARDEN filly Huntsville CULT STATUS Pacer 2/25/20
44 ROYALTY TABS filly Cantab Hall DEFINE ROYALTY Trotter 2/11/20
213 DEMON BOY colt Huntsville DEVIL CHILD Pacer 5/22/20
820 Crazy Beach filly Crazy Wow GEORGIA BEACH Trotter 5/9/20
18 GirlDad colt Sweet Lou KRISPY APPLE Pacer 2/10/20
447 GirlFight Hall filly Trixton GO GO DANCER Trotter 4/3/20
599 Gucci Potato colt Tactical Landing A THING GOIN ON Trotter 5/18/20
SANDINMYSTILETTOS filly American Ideal HEELS ON THE BEACH Pacer 4/10/20
453 Crazyland colt Crazy Wow HEELS ON WHEELS Trotter 1/20/20
307 EVERDEEN filly American Ideal HUNGER GAMES Pacer 3/12/20
10 HUNGRY FOR KISSES filly Stay Hungry ALLABOUTKISSES Pacer 3/20/20
180 Iridescent filly Sweet Lou RAINBOW ROOM Pacing 5/28/20
246 SEVEN SINS colt Chapter Seven ISOLDE Trotter 3/16/20
771 J WOW filly Crazy Wow RISE N SHINE Trotter 5/3/20
129 FOOLISH GAMES filly Tactical Landing JEWELS IN HOCK Trotter 4/30/20
858 JINXUOWEMEACOKE colt Chapter Seven JINX Trotter 5/5/20
392 Kissin Joe filly Roll With Joe BEACHINNKISSIN Pacer 2/11/20
631 Kobe B colt Father Patrick CLASSIC YANKEE Trotter 4/30/20
255 SALT LIMA TEQUILA filly Roll With Joe LIMA FAIREST Pacer 5/22/20
28 Mambacita filly Tactical Landing BILLS LADY Trotter 4/3/20
504 SEVEN BEADS colt Chapter Seven MARION MARDI GRAS Trotter 3/27/20
BLU LUXE filly Muscle Hill MEEGAN HALL Trotter 3/3/20
698 MIGHTY TRIX colt Trixton MIGHTY MACKO Trotter 2/24/20
89 MARMOSET filly American Ideal MONKEY ON MY WHEEL Pacer 3/2/20
252 CANNERY ROW filly American Ideal MY MONTEREY Pacer 4/24/20
535 Naughty Wowzer colt Crazy Wow NAUGHTY NANA Trotter 2/25/20
418 SEVEN OVER colt Chapter Seven OVERPOWERING LINDY Trotter 5/18/20
540 BRIGHT SIDE GIRL filly Huntsville PERTTY MUSIC Pacer 5/3/20
541 CRUSHIN TABS colt Cantab Hall PINK CRUSH Trotter 4/9/20
721 POWER TRIX colt Trixton PINK POWER Trotter 3/19/20
582 PINK WINGS filly Chapter Seven I WANTED WINGS Trotter 1/31/20
156 CUTIECUMBER filly Chapter Seven PORQUE Trotter 5/27/20
546 BALTIMORE BEAUTY filly American Ideal PREAKNESS Pacer 2/21/20
566 WOW SISTA filly Crazy Wow SISTAS Trotter 3/26/20
570 SOMEGUYSOMEWHERE colt American Ideal SOMEGIRL SOMEWHERE Pacer 5/5/20
343 BEACH COWBOY colt American Ideal SOMSTREETSOMWHERE Pacer 4/15/20
189 MYSTIC MUSCLE colt Muscle Hill SPELLBOUND HANOVER Trotter 3/27/20
282 BEACH COWGIRL filly Captaintreacherous STONEBRIDGE SUNDAE Pacer 3/6/20
674 INTERROGATION colt Southwind Frank TO THE QUESTION Trotter 4/21/20
361 PINK PARKOUR filly American Ideal TRACEUSE HANOVER Pacer 3/16/20
302 Two filly Huntsville TAIYA HANOVER Pacer 2/24/20
593 WHIMZICAL WOW filly Crazy Wow WHIMZICAL BRITT Trotter 4/26/20
762 CINDERELLABUTNOT filly What the Hill ZANNA BLU Trotter 3/16/20